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Can you be the mightiest tribe
Ludus Vulpes

Can you be the mightiest tribe

Phil and Kirsty had the pleasure of catching up with Jeremy and Toby of Blood Moon Games at Tabletop Scotland. Following the success of both Float Downstream and Circuitry, Jeremy shared with us his newest creation - Tri-balism. In Tri-balism, players carefully assemble tribes in balanced groups so as to prevent in-fighting and chaos! Tri-balism is a game based on the Great Clan Gathering of the Nine Trolling Tribes. A moot called by the Shamanic Collective at which a careful balancing of egos, animosity, historical rivalries, paranoia, and toxic stupidity had to be attained else all chaos would ensue. A traditional fun, family-friendly, card matching strategy puzzle game, Tri-balism is based on some very simple rules, which promote strategic thinking and decision making. Tri-balism is designed to be played by 2 to 4 people but can accommodate more if necessary, and also has a single player puzzle mode. The aim is simple, play 'tri-cards' to create 'gatherings' and score crystal-points. Crystal points can also be expended to perform certain moves which allow players to manipulate the game board in an attempt to win even more points. The player with the most crystal points wins. Creating a completed gathering (hexagon) of tribes will score you three crystal points, creating a gathering of shamans or trees will score you five crystal points, and creating a chill-out zone for a tribe will score you seven crystal points. If you play using your tribe symbol you earn a crystal point and a free tile placement. If you empty your hand you gain five crystal points. We hope you enjoy the video, and don't forget we are also available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... just search for Ludus Vulpes. #boardgamegeek #boardgames #cardgames
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