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About Ludus Vulpes

As creative individuals, Kirsty and Phil thrive on being able to share their thoughts and opinions on board games with others.  Their YouTube channel Ludus Vulpes, has provided such a wonderful outlet to do exactly that.  Ludus Vulpes are proud to provide you with colourful and engaging videos, curated just for you.

Ludus Vulpes are always on the look out for new board games to review.  Whether you have an upcoming crowdfunding project, a prototype of a pre-release game or a long standing boardgame that you want a fresh review for - no game is too big or too small for our channel.  Go to our Service section to find out more. 


Keep exploring through the videos, and please reach out if you have any questions or if you would like content created just for you.  

Did you know that we also carry out interviews?  Ludus Vulpes are happy to promote and support all – from newbie designers with developing prototypes, up and coming Kickstarters, to fully fledged created and played board games.  On our channel there is space for all and we want you to have your say.  Go to our services section to schedule an interview now.  

With a passion for not only playing, but designing, creating & publishing games.  

Ludus Vulpes brings their love for games to your table.  

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